SNL Parodies Kanye’s Meeting With Trump

SNL Parodies Kanye’s Meeting With Trump

In many ways, Kanye West is the theme of this season of Saturday Night Live. He performed in a water bottle costume and gave an unwarranted MAGA speech speech for the first episode. The following week, Pete Davidson riffed on Kanye’s first episode antics. Last night, Kanye was the subject of the cold open and Weekend Update.

For the cold open, Chris Redd and Alec Baldwin parodied Kanye and Donald Trump’s Oval Office meeting that took place last week. Trump realizes that he and Kanye are more alike than he thought. Keenan Thompson plays retired NFL player Jim Brown, who also attended the meeting. The issues discussed at this parody meeting are “prison reform, education, alternate universes, superman, and flying cars.”

Seth Meyers joined the Weekend Update team this week for his classic segment, “Really?!” This week’s “Really?!” questioned Kanye and Trump’s meet-up. Watch the sketches below.

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