Hear Car Seat Headrest Cover “Hey Ya,” Smashing Pumpkins, & Darude In Seattle

Earlier this year, Car Seat Headrest released a reimagined version of his 2011 album, Twin Fantasy. Will Toledo and his band have been on tour pretty much ever since, and they just kicked off a new run of dates that will take them through to March of next year.

Over the weekend, they played two nights at the Showbox in their native Seattle — a venue that’s been facing threats of closure because of new zoning restrictions — and, as their tendency has been as of late, they performed quite a few covers, some of them brand new for the band.

On the first night, they opened the show with a cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie track “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” and closed the night with a cover of OutKast’s “Hey Ya.” On the second night, they did a last-minute cover of Darude’s early ’00s novelty meme hit “Sandstorm,” which if you don’t know by name you most probably know by hearing it. (A band member said on stage that Toledo didn’t know what the song was before playing it that night.)

Check out the covers below.

Hear the Smashing Pumpkins cover here (via r/indieheads).