J Mascis – “Web So Dense”

J Mascis will always have a place in underground rock Valhalla because of all his decades playing blazingly triumphant, evocatively fuzzed-out classic-rock reveries with Dinosaur Jr. But in recent years, Mascis has been using his time off from Dino Jr. to do other things with his distinctively hangdog songwriting style. He has been making some really, really good solo records.

Next month, Mascis will follow up his 2014 solo joint Tied To A Star with a new one called Elastic Days. We’ve already posted his early songs “See You At The Movies” and “Everything She Said,” and now he’s following those ones up with a new song called “Web So Dense.” And at least to my ears, “Web So Dense” is the best of the three songs we’ve yet heard.

It wouldn’t be too hard for Mascis to turn “Web So Dense” into a Dinosaur Jr. song — a really good one, at that. Instead, he’s played it as something warm and sensitive, surrounding his cracked high-lonesome voice and plaintive acoustic guitar with strings and pianos. And eventually, he goes into another of those ragged, overwhelming solos. It’s a colossal song, and you can hear it below.

Elastic Days is out 11/9 on Sub Pop.