Watch Valee Cameo In The ABC Sitcom Splitting Up Together

Have you watched real-time network television anytime lately? Like when your internet went out and so you couldn’t stream stuff? Or when you couldn’t wait for The Good Place to show up on Hulu? Or, fuck, I don’t know, when football was on? It is incredibly fucking strange out there. There’s a drama called God Friended Me. There’s a sitcom with James Brolin and Dianne Wiest, and it’s on its fourth season. And apparently there are G.O.O.D. Music rappers out here making sitcom cameos.

The Chicago rapper Valee is not actually famous. He’s famous in our corner of the internet, because he’s really fucking good, and he’s got a couple of minor hits to his name. But my parents don’t know who he is, and neither do my kids. Apparently, though, he is famous enough to play himself on an episode of the ABC sitcom Splitting Up Together.

The show stars Jenna Fischer, formerly of The Office, and Oliver Hudson, formerly of Nashville, as the two halves of a broken-up marriage who have to live and raise kids together. Hudson plays some kind of record executive who sits around the office stressing about relationships and getting consolation from semi-famous rappers. But it does seem pretty plausible that Valee would sit around his label’s offices in the middle of the day, drinking champagne and dispensing advice to clueless execs. His comic timing seems pretty OK, too. And Hudson pronounces his name correctly, something it took me months to learn to do, so that’s a win. Valee will be on tonight’s episode of the show, and you can see a clip of his appearance below, courtesy of the show’s producer Ellen DeGeneres.

Splitting Up Together airs tonight at 9:30 ET on ABC. Tune in, I guess? Also, Valee has a new song with Matt Ox, so maybe Matt Ox is in line for a cameo next.