Guided By Voices – “Cohesive Scoops”

Guided By Voices – “Cohesive Scoops”

Guided By Voices are so endlessly prolific that they can’t quite hold to their promise to only release one album in a year. Back in March, GBV released their Space Gun album, promising that it would be their only 2018 LP and that they’d spend the year touring instead of recording. That’s technically true. But in July, they still dropped a new 7″ single. Now they’ve announced two more albums, both set to come out in the first half of next year. And a good chunk of the music from one of those albums will be out before year’s end.

Bear with us here. Magnet reports that GBV will return in February with a double LP called Zeppelin Over China and in April, they’ll also come out with another album called Warp And Woof. Warp And Woof will jam 24 songs into 37 minutes. And the band has also separated those four Warp And Woof tracks into two vinyl EPs.

Two of the EPs with Warp And Woof tracks, Winecork Stonehenge and 1000 Dougs, are coming out in December. (The other two, Umlaut Over The Özone and 1901 Acid Rock, are coming in March.) All of this is to say that GBV have just shared one of those 24 Warp And Woof songs. It’s a propulsive 91-second riff-stomper called “Cohesive Scoops,” and it comes from 1000 Dougs. You can hear it below, via Magnet.

The 1000 Dougs and Winecork Stonehenge EPs, both limited to 1,000 vinyl copies apiece, are out 12/7 on Rockathon. Zeppelin Over China is out 2/1, and Warp And Woof is coming in April.

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