Dipset – “Sauce Boyz”

Global diplomacy may be dying, but the Diplomats are still very much alive. Dipset, the Cam’ron-led Harlem-led rap crew that captured our collective imagination in the early ’00s, splintered apart around the end of the decade. But in 2014, they patched things up and announced their reunion. Since then, they’ve been playing shows and releasing occasional singles, the most recent of which was the Uncle Drew soundtrack song “Stronger.” Last month, they announced that they’d finally put out a new album in November. And today, we get to hear a song from that album.

“Sauce Boyz,” the new Dipset single, is a surprisingly low-key affair for a group that was never particularly low-key. It’s got a laid-back soul-sampling beat from producers the Heatmakerz, who worked with Dipset on classics like “Dipset Anthem” and “Killa Cam,” so it’s a feelgood reunion in a lot of ways.

None of the Diplomats says anything particularly outrageous on “Sauce Boyz,” which is a bit of a departure, since those guys are always saying outrageous things. But it’s still a chance to hear Killa, Jones, Freaky, and Santana all back together again. Listen below.

Diplomatic Ties, the first new Dipset group album since 2004’s Diplomatic Immunity 2 is out 11/22.