Watch Troye Sivan Sing His Jónsi Collab “Revelation” On The Tonight Show

Watch Troye Sivan Sing His Jónsi Collab “Revelation” On The Tonight Show

Just a few months ago, Troye Sivan released a new album called Bloom. It was very good. This past week, Sivan performed on The Tonight Show twice, and neither of the songs came from Bloom. Are we already past that? Or is Troye Sivan just exploding with good songs that demand to be performed on late-night talk shows? Honestly, I think it’s the latter!

Earlier this week, Sivan sat for an interview with Jimmy Fallon and teamed up with his buddy Charli XCX to perform the giddy “1999,” which pulls off the contradictory feat of being both nostalgic and futuristic. And last night, Sivan returned to sing the ballad “Revelation.” Sivan recorded that one with Sigur Ròs frontman Jónsi, and it comes from the soundtrack of Boy Erased, the new movie in which Sivan, who also acts, plays a major role.

On The Tonight Show, Sivan dressed in all white like Puff Daddy in the “I’ll Be Missing You” video, sang on a stage full of string players and dry ice, and basically looked like a star. And as an online bonus, he and Charli XCX did a thing where they came up with names for dogs. It was cute. Watch both the performance and that bit below.

Boy Erased and its soundtrack are both out now.

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