Watch Bono & Pharrell Sing “Stayin’ Alive” On Jimmy Kimmel’s (RED) Show

Once a year, Jimmy Kimmel Live dedicates one big all-star holiday show to raising money (RED), Bono’s charity that works to increase AIDS awareness. Lots of famous people always show up, and one of those famous people is always Bono. This year, the famous people involved included Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Chris Rock, Kirsten Bell, and Zoe Saldana. And there were music people, too, including Snoop Dogg, Brad Paisley, and Pharrell.

This time around, Bono duetted with Pharrell, with Kimmel introducing them as two last men with no last names. (Their last names are Williams and, um, Vox.) Together, they sang the Bee Gees’ immortal strutting anthem “Stayin’ Alive,” but they did it as a hotel-lounge piano song. Maybe that was supposed to be funny? I can never tell when Bono was joking.

Other hijinks included an all-star singalong of the Kimmel-created holiday song “We’re Going To Hell.” And there was also a fake QVC infomercial, which let Kristin Bell do Kristen Bell comedy things. And during the sober sit-down with Bono, he said that he and Lady Gaga would write a song for the winner of a sweepstakes for (RED) contributors. Watch some of it happen below.

Snoop Dogg did not have an answer for the question about his favorite Brad Paisley song. If you’re ever in that situation, the answer is always “Alcohol.”