Phoenix Apologize For Working With R. Kelly

Phoenix have apologized for working with R. Kelly. In a tweet, the French band said that they were “deeply horrified by the stories of abuse surrounding” the musician. “We regret that we were not both more informed and more discerning when we worked with him previously,” they wrote. “We fully support all victims of sexual abuse, and it’s our hope that there will be a path to justice.”

In 2013, R. Kelly was featured on a remix of Phoenix’s Bankrupt! track “Trying To Be Cool,” and they performed with him at Coachella that year as well.

Phoenix are the latest artists to apologize for working with R. Kelly. Lady Gaga issued her own apology last night. These all follow the airing of Lifetime’s documentary Surviving R. Kelly, which laid out the many R. Kelly abuse claims that have been reported on for years.

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