PUP – “Kids” Video

PUP – “Kids” Video

A couple of weeks ago, PUP announced their third album, Morbid Stuff, with the lead single “Kids,” and today their releasing its music video. The Toronto punk band has a great track record with videos, and this one’s no different. It was directed by their longtime collaborator Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, and it’s set in 2059. On the surface, it follows a typical “getting the band back together” narrative, but PUP gives it all a dark twist.

“Jeremy cooked up this hilarious concept of what all of our lives would be like 40 years in the future,” Stefan Babcock said in a statement. “Our goal was to sorta set viewers up for this happy feel-good ending, and then at the last minute, crush them with darkness. Just like life in the present, most things in the future will probably turn out shit, or, if we’re really lucky, fine at best.”

Each band member is off doing their own thing, and some are better off than others in this future — one is delivering pizza, another is busking on the street, and yet another is living his life luxuriously in a hydrating water square. They’re drawn back to each other after news reports that their former lead singer has been found after years of being missing. The video has a lot of great touches in imagining what the world might be like in a few decades, and there’s a really touching father-daughter relationship that threads itself throughout.

Check it out below.

Morbid Stuff is out 4/5 via Little Dipper/Rise. Pre-order it here.

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