Ariana Grande’s “Small Charcoal Grill” Tattoo Now Means “Japanese BBQ Finger”

Big news on the Ariana Grande bad-tattoo front: Ariana Grande tried to fix her bad tattoo, and she somehow made it worse. Earlier this week, Grande attempted to celebrate her new #1 single “7 Rings” by getting the words “7 Rings” tattooed on her palm in Japanese kanji. But apparently, what she really got was “small charcoal grill.” The “7” character, and the “rings” character, when put together, apparently really mean “shichirin,” which is a small charcoal barbecue grill.

In a since-deleted tweet, Grande admitted that the tattoo wasn’t actually right, and she was pretty funny about it: “huge fan of tiny bbq grills.” But she’s since gone back to add a couple more characters, hoping to correct the mistake. As TMZ reports, Grande wrote about it in her Instagram story: “slightly better. thanks to my tutor for helping me fix and to @kanenavasard for being a legend. and to my doctor for the lidocaine shots (no joke). rip tiny charcoal grill. miss u man. I actually really liked u.”

One problem: It’s still messed up! Grande’s tattoo no longer means “small charcoal grill.” It now apparently means “Japanese BBQ finger.” That’s what TMZ says, anyway. Kotaku has a more intricate reading of it: Read right to left, in Japanese style, Grande’s tattoo now means “Small charcoal grill, finger *heart*.”

Clearly, Grande should stop trying to get this tattoo corrected. At this point, she should just roll with it and make a weird experimental single called “Small Charcoal Grill, Finger *Heart*.”