Watch Sharon Van Etten Sing The Hell Out Of “Seventeen” On Ellen

It’s a little early in 2019 to be making Album Of The Year projections, but Sharon Van Etten’s synth-rocking return Remind Me Tomorrow, released a couple of weeks into the year, might be the best thing that this year has given us yet. Meanwhile, we’re on a weird run where Ellen might have the best musical-guest booking of any television show. (Step your game up, late-night guys!) So it’s only natural that the two came together today.

On today’s episode of Ellen, Van Etten rolled through to sing “Seventeen,” probably the best song on Remind Me Tomorrow. That’s such a nighttime song, and it was slightly weird to see Van Etten, dressed for a night out, amidst all the bright purple lights of the Ellen set. The sound mixing didn’t do her any favors, either. But just as she did on Kimmel last month, Van Etten still sang the absolute hell out of “Seventeen,” her voice swelling up to something titanic on the climactic “I know that you’re gonna beeeeee” moment. Watch it below:

Meanwhile, we will soon get to see Van Etten in the second season of the incredibly strange Netflix show The OA. Van Etten made her acting debut on the show’s first season, and Netflix recently unveiled the trailer for its big return, which looks like even more of a puzzle. There’s not a whole lot of Van Etten in the trailer, but there is at least one shot of her majestically blowing smoke. Here’s that trailer:

Remind Me Tomorrow is out now on Jagjaguwar. Season two of The OA arrives on Netflix 3/22.