Broken Social Scene – “Can’t Find My Heart”


Broken Social Scene – “Can’t Find My Heart”


Last month, we got our first new Broken Social Scene music in a long time. The Canadian guitar-fuzz battalion returned with their EP Let’s Try The After – Vol. 1, their first new record since they came off of hiatus and released the 2017 album Hug Of Thunder. In that EP title, there was hope. If that EP was Vol. 1 would there be a Vol. 2? As it turns out, the answer is yes. Let’s Try The After – Vol. 2 is coming next month, and we get to hear its first single right now.

Back in January, before they announced either EP, Broken Social Scene appeared on The Strombo Show and debuted two new songs, “1972” and “Can’t Find My Heart.” “1972” was on Vol. 1. “Can’t Find My Heart” was not. That’s because “Can’t Find My Heart” is the first single from Vol. 2. This morning, the band shared the studio version, a piece of characteristically warm and huge old-school indie rock. It’s exactly as tuneful and triumphant as you’d hope.

As Exclaim! reports, frontman Kevin Drew has this to say about the new EP:

The theme is to continue. Sickness, suicide, uprise, love, death, betrayal, hurt, joy, sex, communication, battles and divisions… Let’s just get to their after and start building again. How do we do it within the isolation of self prescribe empty popularity? How does the ego revolt? How does the heart win? Can it? Maybe after we will find out.

Below, check out “Can’t Find My Heart” and the new EP’s tracklist:

01 “Memory Lover”

02 “Can’t Find My Heart”

03 “Big Couches
04 “Let’s Try The After”

05 “Wrong Line”

Let’s Try The After – Vol. 2 is out 4/13 on Arts & Crafts. Also, both volumes of Let’s Try The After will be packaged together as a combined release, and that’ll be out 4/13, for Record Store Day.

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