Angel Du$t – “Five” Video

Last week, Angel Du$t, the Baltimore-bred onetime Band To Watch whose membership includes dudes from hardcore heavyweights Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice, released a really great album called Pretty Buff. Angel Du$t’s music used to be a variation on hardcore, too, but now it’s more in line with ’70s power-pop, albeit played fast and furiously. And today, they’ve brought that same blend of silliness and intensity to their video for the Pretty Buff track “Five.”

The video is a fun animated story, directed by Ruth Barrett. In the first few seconds of the clip, the anthropomorphic cat creature from the Pretty Buff cover loses everything: His house, his possessions, his girlfriend, his job, and finally (and most crushingly) his dog. So naturally, he turns into a giant monster and goes about exacting retribution. That’s not necessarily a fun story, but Barrett makes it fun.

Below, check out the video. And then listen to Pretty Buff! It’s good!

Pretty Buff is out now on Roadrunner.