070 Shake – “Morrow” & “Nice To Have”

Last year heralded the arrival of 070 Shake, the boundlessly talented 21-year-old rapper and singer from New Jersey. Shake released her Glitter EP last year, and she also gave us the intense and powerful one-off track “Accusations.” But she really captured the world’s attention when she feverishly howled a verse on Kanye West’s “Ghost Town,” a performance that might’ve been the highlight of the whole Ye album. After all that, you might’ve expected a total blitz of new songs and guest appearances. But instead, she’s been quiet. That quiet is now ending. This weekend, Shake will play Coachella. And today, she’s come out with two new singles, “Morrow” and “Nice To Have.”

On Twitter, Shake called the new songs “One to Dance and One to Cry.” But they’re really both ones to cry. “Morrow” has a chilly and propulsive electro beat, but that doesn’t mean it’s not intense. The track sounds a bit like Drake, if he went past “passively contemplating his own dissatisfaction” and instead dived headfirst into desperation. The lyrics chronicle a relationship falling apart: “You can’t scream louder / No one’s around you / Heart filled with malice / And that’s how you’ll have it.”

“Nice To Have” is more of an emotionally contented love song, but it’s still full of knife-edge feelings talk: “Squeeze my heart all day / Squeeze it till it breaks in.” The music is a downbeat electronic lurch. It’s pretty, and it’s heavy. Listen to both tracks below.

070 Shake plays Coachella on Sunday night. She’ll be on at the Gobi Tent at 7:15. Her set time conflicts with both YG and Gesaffelstein, which is tough, but maybe carve out some time for her if you’re going.

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