YG – “Stop Snitchin”

We don’t hear too much about Tekashi 6ix9ine these days. That’s probably because Tekashi 6ix9ine is in jail. Earlier this year, while facing a possible life sentence, the 22-year-old Brooklyn rapper pleaded guilty to nine different charges, including racketeering and firearms. As part of a plea deal, 6ix9ine is reportedly cooperating with authorities, presumably to provide information about the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, the street gang that once counted him as a member. YG and 6ix9ine haven’t liked each other for a long time, and now YG has devoted an entire new song — the first single of his new album, no less — to this whole situation.

YG and 6ix9ine have been beefing, pretty much, since 6ix9ine first got famous. YG and 6ix9ine both claimed allegiance to the Bloods, but that didn’t make them friends. On his single “Suu Woop” last year, YG said, “I ain’t with the pink-haired Blood shit,” a pretty clear reference. YG also took aim at 6ix9ine in his “Bulletproof” video. And during his Coachella set last week, YG debuted his new single “Stop Snitchin,” performing in front of a big blown-up photo of 6ix9ine.

Without that whole backstory, “Stop Snitchin” is just a hard, nasty West Coast rap song, with YG unloading on some unknown adversary: “You got fear in your heart, so you cooperate / I can’t stand how bitch niggas operate.” But since we know who he’s talking about, the song has an extra charge to it.

UPDATE: YG has now shared a genuinely upsetting “Stop Snitchin” video, in which he plays the leader of a slave rebellion. Watch it below:

At Coachella, YG announced that his new album would be out 5/3.

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