Stream Katie Dey’s Surprise Album solipsisters

Back in 2016, Katie Dey released her debut album, Flood Network, and the Australian experimental pop artist has kept up a steady stream of activity since, between compilation one-offs and a long series of covers and, of course, her collaborative album with Devi McCallion, Some New Form Of Life, which came out last fall. But it’s been a while since we’ve gotten some Dey music proper.

Thankfully you don’t have to wait long: Her new album, solipsisters, is out right now. Yes, right now! Surprise!

As with all of Dey’s work, it’s dense but approachable, a soothing sonic blanket that lays out bare insecurities but bundles them up in warm synths and digital strings. On early standout “dissolving,” which sounds like Dey crossed with a Postal Service track, she sings: “Self-loathing bouncing round like you’re a pinball/ Wish I could find someone to see me under microscope/ Sure, I could look inside myself but I genuinely don’t know what my heart is for.” Those sort of slicing revelations are packaged in some of the prettiest and most confident-sounding songs that Dey has made yet.

Listen to it below.

In an interview at The Fader, Dey shares some background on solipsisters, including this:

For this album, I’m including a lyric sheet, which I’ve never done before. As I get older, I’m more desperate to actually communicate effectively with people. In the past, I always tried to be like, “There’s these feelings I feel that I literally just can’t put into words, and I’m going to try to make them into songs.” I’d communicate sublingually through these weird sounds that I make — but that wasn’t working out, so I figured I’d try to be more legible.

solipsisters is out now via Run For Cover. Purchase it here.

CREDIT: Sianne Van Abkoude
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