Courtney Love Answers Questions From Lana Del Rey, Karen O, Marilyn Manson, & More

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Courtney Love Answers Questions From Lana Del Rey, Karen O, Marilyn Manson, & More

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Courtney Love has been doing a little bit of press recently in the wake of Live Through This’ 25th anniversary. Last week, she mentioned that Hole were “definitely talking about” a reunion, and she recently went through a round of 20 questions with Interview magazine, where each one was asked by a different famous person.

The guest list is truly something, which just goes to show how beloved Love is: she answered questions from Lana Del Rey, Karen O, Michael Stipe, Marilyn Manson, Lena Dunham, Kate Moss, Shirley Manson, bandmate Melissa Auf Der Maur, Aaron Sorkin, Debbie Harry, and more. The results were filled with some extremely amusing anecdotes and observations.

Some highlights:

• She recounts what was going on with her while handing off the Golden Globe to Phil Collins for “You’ll Be In My Heart” in 2000, where she messed around with Collins on stage before giving him the award:

LOVE: I remember the night of the Golden Globes in, like, 2000, when I was asked to read the winner for Best Song. I had gone on that show sober and been really angry that R.E.M. hadn’t been nominated for “Man on the Moon.” Phil Collins won the award, and I was very rude. I made him beg for his Golden Globe, and they never asked me back. I even sang a little R.E.M. at the podium. There was an original song in that soundtrack called “The Great Beyond.” A producer asked me to go to Michael [Stipe] and ask him whether or not they could have that song for less. I went to Michael and he was like, “Why are they sending you? That’s so horrible. You should not be sent for this.” That song meant so much to me. Then I remember very specifically some time after the Golden Globes, I was out with a bunch of people and Paul Thomas Anderson looked at me and went, “You know, if you were really punk, when you read Best Song, you would have read Aimee Mann for the Magnolia thing.” I was like, “What?” I remember feeling just crushed, because I had risked some shit. I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t. Kids today don’t get yelled at by the voice of their generation because they didn’t pull a Jack Palance, allegedly, and read off Aimee Mann. A kid who’s made a lot of money like Justin Bieber doesn’t even understand that concept. Selling out to him means there’s no more tickets to Madison Square Garden. He’s a sweet kid, though.

• Building off the R.E.M. connect, Michael Stipe had the wisdom to ask her “What’s your favorite Liz Taylor story?” Her response:

Wow. I have two. The first one happened on March 25, forever ago. It was Elton John’s birthday. I had only seen Liz Taylor at amfAR stuff. She was fabulous. She would come in wasted on pills in a wheelchair looking like, ugh, but then she’d get up onstage and fucking shine. I was sitting between her and Donatella [Versace], which is a lovely place to sit, man. I was wearing these yellow canary diamonds, borrowed from Martin Katz. I had a huge yellow one on my finger. She wouldn’t say one word to me all night. At the end of the meal, she clenched her big diamond against my big diamond and she was like, “I’m bigger than you.” That’s it, and then she left. The next one was in 2008. It was Carrie Fisher and me, and she was like, “Meet me at Liz Taylor’s.” Everyone went to Liz Taylor’s Easter party. I was with Carrie and Debbie [Reynolds, Fisher’s mom]. Debbie was downstairs. Debbie and Liz were totally close, even though the Eddie Fisher thing had happened a long time ago. Whatever. They had worked it out. Eddie was a jerk and the ladies were cool. It was an Easter party and a lot of people were downstairs, like the dermatologist Arnie Klein—Debbie Rowe had come from his office. A lot of historic stuff was downstairs. But I was bored after an hour, and everyone had been waiting five hours for her to come downstairs. I went to Carrie and I was like, “Not worth it. I’m leaving.” She was like, “Oh no, you have to stay. It’s worth it. Come on.” Carrie grabbed me and we snuck upstairs. As soon as we were at the Warhol of Liz Taylor, I started getting the shivers. I was like, “Fuck. This is gonna be crazy.” We got up the stairs and there was José Eber with his wig and his cowboy hat and he’s doing Elizabeth’s hair in the mirror of this ill-fitting, little bathroom. She’s got this Easter bonnet with all these artificial flowers on this beautiful, crazy frosted wig. I remember her eyes were so beautiful, but they were bloodshot. She looked at Carrie and said, “Hey. It’s fucking Carrie.” Really bawdy. Carrie was like, “Hey, fucking Liz.” It was hilarious. I was leaning, trying to make myself small because this bathroom was really tiny. I looked in her bedroom and her bedroom was entirely violet. There were two turtledoves and a ton of pictures of her dogs.There was a picture of her and Michael [Jackson]. By the bed, there was a lot of medicine. I was really marveling, looking at the medicine and trying to suss if there was anything I might like. Then her hand hovered above my head. She was again wearing the big fat diamond, I want to say the Taylor-Burton. She took her hand and she clacked on my head really fast and she said, “Stop looking.” Then she went, “We like Courtney.” That’s it. That’s all I got. “We like Courtney,” with this diamond real heavy on the top of my head. She was chastising me for looking for Oxy.

• And Marilyn Manson had the umm … wisdom … “Who was your most memorable sexual experience?.” She dodged in the best way possible:

Somebody told me that in the Ariana Grande song I listened to this weekend, she names her exes or something. Is that true? Please, next, or whatever. I didn’t hear it. There’s this sport thing with girls like Tay Tay and Ariana, where they go out with famous guys and then sing about them, which of course I used to do, too. But it wasn’t as much of a sport back then. Actually, no. Forget it. I’m not fucking answering this shit.

Check out the full Interview piece here.

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