Twen – “Damsel” Video

Twen started out as Boston punks and ended up as Nashville indie-rockers. The duo of Jane Fitzsimmons and Ian Jones managed to build up some solid buzz based entirely on a live EP of their first ever show and a vigorous touring schedule, and just a few months ago, they signed to Frenchkiss and released their official debut single “Waste.”

Now, a couple of months and one more single later, they’re out on tour with White Reaper. And today, Twen have announced their full-length debut album, Awestruck, which is out in September. We’ve already heard the aforementioned “Waste” and Holy River, and today they’ve shared a third track, “Damsel,” a dreamy rocker with a light psychedelic edge.

“Damsel” comes with a music video from director Casey Pierce. The clip shows Twen wearing custom screen-printed uniforms and playing their music as dirt bikers fly past them in front of a cloudless blue sky. In an interview with i-D, where the track premiered, Fitzsimmons says:

Well, this song is one of the first songs that we wrote, especially in that way of just feeling it out. I think it changes a lot for me, which makes it possible to sing it for two, three years, and onward. But I think it’s more about just accepting and believing in something. For a long time, I was a hard-core atheist and really rejected my religious background because I grew up Catholic and it sucked. Then, it’s just being able to believe in something again and not because someone told me. It’s just kind of a joyous declaration in something and it almost doesn’t matter what it is, if you feel strongly about it.

Watch and listen below.

Awestruck is out 9/20 via Frenchkiss. Pre-order it here.