Haim Tease “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” Cover

Haim are headlining Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago next month, and they’ve taken to Instagram to tease a cover that would be perfectly on-brand for them.

Yesterday the band posted footage of themselves rehearsing Paula Cole’s 1997 VH1 staple “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” It’s Cole’s only top 10 hit, though “I Don’t Want To Wait,” which you may know as the Dawson’s Creek theme song, fell just short at #11. Both songs are smack in the middle of Haim’s soft-rock sweet spot — the vaguely rootsy “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone” especially, now that Danielle Haim went a bit country in her various Vampire Weekend guest spots.

Anyway, on Insta the band writes: “where have all the cowboys gone? should we cover this at pitchfork yes or no.” Gavin Turek responds with an enthusiastic yes, and honestly so do I.

Watch footage of Haim rehearsing their Cole cover below.

Is 2019 the year of the Paula Cole comeback? Word on the street is she’s hoping to release a new album called Revolution later this year.

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