The 1975 – “The 1975”

The 1975 – “The 1975”

The 1975 have long been promising a new album called Notes On A Conditional Form. They first announced it over a year ago — before their last album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, was even out. Earlier today, the 1975 deleted their social media accounts while their label appeared to tease new music. And now, some of that music is finally here.

Every album that the 1975 have released opens with a self-titled intro track called “The 1975.” It’s become a tradition. So far, each one has had the same lyrics — “Go down/ Soft sound/ Midnight/ Car lights” — surrounded by a different arrangement. But the latest “The 1975,” the one that opens Notes On A Conditional Form, is different.

This version of “The 1975″ doesn’t have any lyrics, exactly. Instead, it has Greta Thunberg, the teenage Swedish climate change activist who the 1975 have been inspired by, giving a speech about the need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions over starry-eyed piano and ambient twinkles. Listen below.

Notes On A Conditional Form, the album formerly known as Music For Cars, is officially on its way.

UPDATE: According to its listing on iTunes, Notes On A Conditional Form is 22 tracks long and will be out in 2020. Although most of the tracklist is hidden, the second song is called “People.”

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