Watch The Trailer For Shia LaBeouf’s Honey Boy, Which Stars FKA Twigs

The first trailer for Honey Boy has been released. The movie was written by Shia LaBeouf, and it’s a semi-autobiographical story that he wrote as part of his rehabilitation program. It was directed by Alma Har’el, and stars Lucas Hedges in the LaBeouf adjacent role (Noah Jupe plays LaBeouf as a kid) known as Otis Lort.

LaBeouf plays a character based on his own father, and FKA Twigs stars, in her first feature film role, as a character known as “Shy Girl,” who is described as “neighbor and kindred spirit to the younger Otis in their garden-court motel home.” (The pair were romantically linked for a time.)

The film had its world premiere at Sundance earlier this year, and it’s gotten some pretty great reviews so far.

It hits theaters on 11/8. Check out the trailer below.