Vince Staples – “So What?”

Vince Staples – “So What?”

A few days ago, Vince Staples shared a trailer for something called The Vince Staples Show. And today, he’s officially launching the project. As it turns out, The Vince Staples Show is an episodic web series that “showcases Staples’ music and unfiltered personality in short videos set in some of the wild situations Staples finds himself in,” according to a press release.

Every episode of the series will be directed by Calmatic, who previously worked with Staples on the music videos for “FUN!” and Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” And every episode will also feature a brand new stand-alone single from Vince himself, who signed to Motown Records earlier this month.

The first installment of The Vince Staples Show is out now. As you might expect from him, it’s weird and dryly funny, following Staples on an Atlanta-esque adventure as he gets a haircut to perform at Malia Obama’s 21st birthday and ends up in a surreal fight scene. It also contains a new song called “So What?” Watch and listen below.

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