Charlie Puth Denies Being Hungies

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for BMI

Charlie Puth Denies Being Hungies

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for BMI

Last year, Charlie Puth was on the cover of Billboard and in the accompanying feature, it was reported that when Puth wanted lunch he told his driver, “I’m hungies.” A detail like that is too good to pass up so, naturally, we here at Stereogum did a blog post about it, extrapolating from this encounter Puth’s general use of the term “hungies.” It resulted in an extremely popular tweet of ours.

But Puth is now trying to shut that news down. In a new video for Buzzfeed Celeb, he’s forced to react to headlines about himself, among them “When Charlie Puth wants lunch, he tells his driver, ‘I’m hungies!'”

“Now this is very interesting… I’ve never said that and I’ve had multiple people come up to me and be like, ‘Charlie, I’m a huge fan, hungies!’,” he says in the video. “I remember I was going to get food and I said I was really hungry. The lady must have misheard me. I don’t know why… I don’t even know if hungies is a word. Why would I say that?”

Frankly, I don’t believe him.

Immediately after, he also addresses the actual headline of the hungies post, which is “Now Charlie Puth Has Candles.” His position hasn’t changed: “I like candles. I have candles.”

Watch Puth break his legendary silence on hungies at 1:16 in the video below.

UPDATE: When Charlie Puth wants lunch, he tells the ether, “I’m hungies!”

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