Fiona Apple Asks Lil Nas X: “Where’s My Money, You Cute Little Guy?”

Gary Miller/Getty Images

Fiona Apple Asks Lil Nas X: “Where’s My Money, You Cute Little Guy?”

Gary Miller/Getty Images

Fiona Apple recently gave a rare interview to Vulture where she talked about the progress she’s making on her new album and her song’s inclusion in the film Hustlers. She also talked about the history of artists sampling her songs — including why she refused Panic! At The Disco’s request to sample one — but one thing that apparently didn’t make it into the final piece that she said during the interview was about Lil Nas X.

Apple posted a video as an addendum to the interview through the fansite Fiona Apple Rocks where she asks him about his 2018 track called “Kim Jong,” which was released pre-“Old Town Road” fame and doesn’t appear to commercially available anywhere, though it was included on his mixtape Nasarati. It samples her song “Every Single Night.”

“One thing that the lovely [Vulture interviewer] Rachel Handler didn’t mention that I did say in the interview which I would just like to say now is that Lil Nas X … you’re probably really great, but you used my song ‘Every Single Night,’ too,” Apple says in the video. “You sampled that song, too, in a song called ‘Kim Jong Un,’ I think. And, um, hey … where’s my money, you cute little guy? Where’s my money?”

Lil Nas X has a habit of incorporating ’90s legends in his songs, and thanks to his newfound fame, he’s had Trent Reznor and Nirvana credits on big hits this year.

Here’s the video from Apple:

UPDATE (9/29): Fiona Apple has shared another video via the Fiona Apple Rocks fansite — an addendum to her addendum, if you will. In it, she clarifies that she didn’t think she’d actually get money from Lil Nas X for the song.

“I don’t think that Lil Nas X knew that it was my song or who I am. Why would he?” she says. “And I don’t really think I’m gonna get money … I just was being cute, playful and it didn’t come off like that, I guess.” Apple goes on: “Brendon Urie, I don’t have a problem with him either… He was playing around when he called me a bitch. Fucking social media.” Watch below.

Lil Nas X seems amenable to working with Apple:

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