Watch Angel Olsen Sing A Goosebump-Inducing “All Mirrors” With An Orchestra On Fallon

Watch Angel Olsen Sing A Goosebump-Inducing “All Mirrors” With An Orchestra On Fallon

Today, Angel Olsen releases All Mirrors, her absolute stunner of a new album. It’s one of 2019’s best. Last night, she gave the LP a grand rollout on network television. Olsen was the musical guest on The Tonight Show, and she brought a whole orchestra — or at least a giant string section — with her. It made for one hell of a gorgeous spectacle.

Olsen hasn’t played a live show since last year, and if you’ve seen her in the past few years, you already know that she puts serious work into her presentation. Since she released My Woman in 2016, Olsen has fronted a sort of rockabilly band. Everyone in her group wears matching suits with bolo ties. It looks awesome. But All Mirrors is a different kind of album, and it demands a different presentation. So Olsen, made up to look like a goth saint and playing a vintage synth, gave the song a sweeping, dramatic reading.

Olsen sang the All Mirrors title track. She sounded spectacular, and she looked cool as hell, too. For the first half of the song, the camera just slowly zoomed in on her face and then slowly zoomed out again. You can’t do that with too many performers. You can do it with Angel Olsen. Watch the performance below.

Olsen wasn’t the only musician on The Tonight Show last night. She wasn’t even the only millennial woman who just released a really great album. Taylor Swift, currently promoting Lover, was on the show to do a long and giggly interview with Jimmy Fallon. She did not perform, but Fallon did show a video of her loopy on painkillers after getting Lasik surgery, and she did a Name That Song quiz thing with the Roots. Also, Jimmy Fallon quoted some of the laudatory reviews of Lover to Swift, but he didn’t quote mine, so fuck him. If you really want to dive into that whole thing, it’s below.

All Mirrors is out now on Jagjaguwar. Lover is out now on TS/Republic. There currently zero social-media evidence that Olsen and Swift met backstage, but I hope it happened.

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