Morrissey Implies That Portland Protester Was Planted By British Press

Morrissey has been saying fucked-up things for a long, long time, and he’s been veering further into that direction lately, voicing support of the far-right UK party For Britain and making statements like “Everyone ultimately prefers their own race … does this make everyone racist?” This has pissed a lot of people off. But Morrissey’s career has been marching along, and right now, he’s in the midst of a North American tour with Interpol. This has not been without drama.

Last week, during a show in Portland, a single protester held up signs that featured things like the phrase “BIGMOUTH INDEED” and a crossed-out For Britain logo. In response, Morrissey stopped performing mid-song and refused to go on until the protester left. He continued berating the protester, and someone caught the whole tantrum on video. Soon after, for unexplained reasons, Morrissey’s Seattle show was cancelled.

Morrissey’s tour resumed soon after in San Francisco, and it’s been continuing since then. Two nights ago, Morrissey and Interpol played San Diego’s Pechanga Arena. And today, on his website, Morrissey posted a photo of the large crowd at the San Diego show. He captioned it with this: “… no ‘politically offended protestors’ (as paid for and planted in the crowd by the British press) in sight …”

Morrissey has long been voicing his displeasure with the British press, especially The Guardian and NME. And I guess he thinks that The Guardian or whoever decided to shell out money to send a single protester to a show in Portland, to make him look bad. Print media, after all, has an unlimited budget these days. This is strange and Trumpian logic, and it is not the least bit surprising.

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