Imagine Dragons Frontman Asks Artists To Pledge Not To Work With Dr. Luke

Years have passed, and the legal battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke still rages on. Her former producer and Kemosabe Records label boss is suing her for defamation, saying she accused him of sexual and emotional abuse to get out of her recording contract. This week, Kesha suffered another setback when a New York Court once again denied her motion for a countersuit, E! News reports.

Although celebrities like Lady Gaga have voiced their support of Kesha, many artists continue to work with Dr. Luke. In the past year, he has produced and co-written songs for Kim Petras, Tyga, Doja Cat, and Big Boi. And now Dan Reynolds, frontman of Imagine Dragons, has also spoken out.

“I pledge to never work with Dr. Luke unless he drops his lawsuit against @KeshaRose and releases her of any contracts she has with him (publishing etc).,” Reynolds wrote on his social media accounts today. “I ask all artists in our industry to make this same pledge. Please tweet about it and tag #boycottdrluke #FreeKesha.”