Emily A. Sprague – “Mesa”

Ghostly International is releasing a new compilation, Thousands Of Eyes In The Dark, celebrating the label’s 20-year history — it’ll be available digitally at the end of the week and physically next month. In the same vein as two of their previous compilations, 2011’s Context and 2013’s Opiate, it includes a wide-ranging selection of artists contributing music that leans towards the meditative, transportive side of things. To introduce the compilation, the label is sharing a piece from Emily A. Sprague called “Mesa.”

Sprague is the leader of the folk band Florist, who released an excellent new album called Emily Alone earlier this year, but she also makes ambient compositions under the more formal name Emily A. Sprague. She’s put out two albums of that so far, Water Memory and Mount Vision, and “Mesa” is a brand-new track.

Listen to it below.

01 SK U Kno – “Cut And Faze”
02 Emily A. Sprague – “Mesa”
03 Grand River – “This Was Us”
04 Tadd Mullinix – “Woman In The Dunes”
05 Sarah Davachi – “Sybil”
06 Orcas – “Rills”
07 Khotin – “Angel Epicenter”
08 Saariselka – “Shepherd Canyon”
09 Space Afrika – “Canu”
10 Yosi Horikawa – “Thalfang”

Thousands Of Eyes In The Dark is out 10/18 (digitally) and 11/15 (physically). Pre-order it here.