Archers Of Loaf Tease First New Music In 22 Years

North Carolina’s Archers Of Loaf were one of the great beloved indie rock bands of the ’90s, but they didn’t last very long. The group came together in 1991, cranked out four albums in quick succession, and then broke up in 1998 after the release of that year’s White Trash Heroes. In 2011, the band reunited to play occasional live shows. (There’s only been one show in the past four years: A set at the Mohawk in Austin this past May.) It now looks like they’re about to return with their first new music since 1998.

Since the breakup of Archers, frontman Eric Bachmann has released plenty of music, both with his band Crooked Fingers and solo. In 2018, Bachmann said in an interview that he was working on some new Archers Of Loaf music. He had to adjust his singing style on doctor’s orders, but he’d figured out how to recapture his old singing voice without running the risk of damaging his voice. He was finally working on more aggressive Archers-style music after years of making more mellow fare. He admitted that it was taking a while.

Last night, the band posted a teaser on YouTube. The video, entitled “The Return Of The Loaf,” is just 43 seconds long, and features the intro of “Audiowhore,” the opening track from the band’s 1994 EP Vs The Greatest Of All Time. The video itself is full of scratchy footage of the post-reunion band playing live, and it ends with the words “coming soon.” The YouTube description promises “The Return Of The Loaf,” produced by Gorman Bechard. Bechard is a filmmaker who directed the 2012 Archers Of Loaf reunion documentary What Did You Expect?. Check out the teaser below.

We have no idea how much new music we’ll be getting or when it will happen, but there you have it. It’s coming.