Illuminati Hotties – “Post-Everything”

Illuminati Hotties – “Post-Everything”

Last year, Sarah Tudzin released her debut album as Illuminati Hotties, Kiss Yr Frenemies. We named it one of the best albums of 2018, so naturally each bit of Hotties news this year has been something worth paying attention to. Amidst touring pretty relentlessly, Tudzin’s given us a couple new releases: “I Wanna Keep Your Dog” back in March, a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” and a standalone single called “ppl plzr” (which ranked amongst our favorite songs that week). And now, right before the end of the year, Tudzin’s back with one more new one called “Post-Everything.”

As you might guess by the name, there’s a certain end-times vibe to the song. “The world’s burnin, so why the hell not,” Tudzin wrote in a note on Bandcamp before continuing, “Happy 2020.” On Twitter, she elaborated a bit more: “2019 was somehow the absolute Best & absolute Worst year of my life. so here’s a song about the apocalypse.” Fittingly, the lyrics feature snapshots of people losing it, screaming on the street in some form or another — they sound like pretty run-of-the-mill scenes in 2019, which is to say they do sound a bit like the encroaching end of the world.

Tudzin conveys all of that in a hushed acoustic ballad. It’s like a little broken post-script for the year, the kind of meditation that conjures up the eerie stillness of New Year’s Day. Check it out below.

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