Justin Bieber – “Yummy”

Justin Bieber – “Yummy”

It’s been just over four years since Justin Bieber’s last album, Purpose. And while he’s never been all that far from the spotlight — from “Despacito” to getting married and the attendant fake pregnancy joke controversies to announcing a new deodorant to a plot-twist Tool feud to teaming with Ed Sheeran, he hasn’t exactly gone anywhere — it does seem like there was a long, complicated road to arriving at his new full-length. But the end of that journey has been teased quite a bit recently, and now we have “Yummy,” the first official single of a new Bieber era.

On Christmas Eve, Bieber officially announced a 2020 tour and the 1/3 arrival of “Yummy.” At this point, we’ve had a few opportunities to preview snippets of the track in various trailers, including for the new YouTube docuseries Justin Bieber: Seasons, which arrives at the end of the month. In those clips, they make it seem as if the series will catalog the various ups and downs between Purpose and now, from Bieber cancelling tour dates to a seeming rejuvenation and return to making his own music.

“Yummy” glides along on a little trap beat and seems rooted in matrimonial bliss. Check it out below and look for a music video Friday at noon.

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