Bacchae – “Hammer”

In a couple of months, we’ll get to hear Pleasure Vision, the first album from the DC DIY band Bacchae. This is a reason to get excited. Bacchae’s sound is a spiky, nervous combination of obliquely fizzy indie-pop and fearsome, driving punk rock. They’re fully equipped to play live shows with pretty much every type of underground rock band out there, but their voice is entirely their own. In 2018, the band released a self-titled EP that promised great things. Bacchae are onto something.

We’ve already posted “Leave Town” and “Everything Ugly,” two early tracks from Pleasure Vision. Both those songs showed different sides of the band. “Everything Ugly” was jittery new wave, while “Leave Town” was straight-up basement punk, complete with hardcore breakdown. “Hammer,” meanwhile, is a skittery but catchy song with a big, bright melody and a noisily off-kilter guitar sound. The band recorded the album with Jawbox frontman J. Robbins producing, and it would be tough to find a collaborator better-suited to this kind of noisily engaging guitar music. It sounds just right.

Lyrically, “Hammer” is a song about sculpting yourself into the person you want to be: “I returned to somewhere that I hated once/ And found how much I’d changed/ And in my mind, reviewed my time/ And conquered all the hurt that still remained.” Singer and keyboardist Katie McD delivers it with a bright, engaging warmth. Listen below.

Pleasure Vision is out 3/6 on Get Better Records.

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