Loose Buttons – “I Don’t Really Know”

The poppy New York garage rockers Loose Buttons have been rolling out some extremely pleasing music from their forthcoming debut album. Something Better has thus far yielded its title track and “Fell Into A Hole,” a collaboration with Ava Trilling of Forth Wanderers. Today they add a third teaser track, a loud, catchy slow-burn called “I Don’t Really Know.” In addition to the usual traces of O.C.-era favorites like the Strokes and Phantom Planet, it reminds me a bit of Stone Temple Pilots at their poppiest. This is a very good thing.

As for the subject matter, here’s the band’s Eric Nizgretsky:

Trying to succeed in an industry that hinges so much on what other people think of you can definitely drive you insane if you let it. So it seemed like it could do us some good to laugh at the situation rather than let it keep us up at night (it still does that too, don’t worry). No matter what happens, the four of us love doing this more than anything, so it’s important to me that we never let that love and excitement get buried under those superficial elements.

Listen below.

Something Better is out 2/7 on Moon Crawl/AWAL.