Best Coast – “Everything Has Changed”

Best Coast – “Everything Has Changed”

Best Coast are releasing a new album, Always Tomorrow, next month. It’s the California duo’s first proper album since 2015’s California Nights, though they did release an album for kids in 2018. Back in November, they introduced it with lead single “For The First Time,” and tonight they’re sharing its second and announcing a release date for the album (2/21) and sharing its tracklist (below) and album artwork (above).

The song’s about learning to get past self-doubt and criticism, and seems to allude to some of the negative reaction Best Coast garnered when they first hit the scene. (Their debut album will turn 10 later this year — wild! It still slaps.) “Used to cry myself to sleep/ Reading all the names they called me,” Bethany Cosentino sings in the first verse. “Used to say that I was lazy/ The lazy crazy baby/ Did they think that maybe I was in on it?/ Did they think? No, of course they didn’t.”

Thankfully, Cosentino seems to have gotten to a better place judging by the chorus: “Everything has changed/ I like it this way/ Everything has changed/ I’d like for it to stay.” The track comes with a music video directed by Ryan Baxley in which Cosentino plays a game show host going through something. It features members of the Vanderpump Rules cast. Watch and listen below.

01 “Different Light”
02 “Everything Has Changed”
03 “For The First Time”
04 “Graceless Kids”
05 “Wreckage”
06 “Rollercoaster”
07 “Master Of My Own Mind”
08 “True”
09 “Seeing Red”
10 “Make It Last”
11 “Used To Be”

Always Tomorrow is out 2/21 via Concord.

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