Genesis Reunite At MSG (To Watch The Knicks)

Back in 1996, Phil Collins left Genesis to focus on his solo career. He later rejoined the band for a massive 2007 tour. But for a good chunk of the years since, any talk of further reunions had to be taken with a grain of salt. Though the members remained friends, there were various factors that seemed to make seeing Genesis onstage again implausible. Collins retired from life as an active musician, and dwelled on the fact that he wouldn’t be able to play drums anymore. But recently, there’s been speculation bubbling up that Genesis could hit the road once more.

Collins came out of retirement and wound up mounting his own solo tour — the “Not Dead Yet” tour, which stretched from 2017 to last year — and figured out new ways to perform that accommodated his health. He would sit and sing, his son would take over drum duties. Amidst this, any time a member of Genesis has been asked about possibly getting together with Collins, it seems to skew more hopeful and positive. And last night, members of Genesis did reunite — but at a Knicks game, not for a concert.

Two screengrabs of last night’s game at Madison Square Garden show Collins, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford in attendance. It’s got Genesis fans thinking maybe something could be brewing. Again, there was never any animosity between these guys, Collins is able to tour again, and Rutherford even joined him onstage in Berlin last year to perform the classic Genesis cut “Follow You Follow Me.”

Of course, the lingering white whale is whether they’ll ever get a real reunion with Peter Gabriel. That seems like a longer shot.