Squarepusher – “Terminal Slam”

This Friday, Tom Jenkinson is releasing Be Up A Hello, his first Squarepusher album in five years. He’s already blasted our ears and minds with early tracks “Vortrack” and “Nervelevers.” And now he’s back with another frenetic electronic jam, “Terminal Slam,” WHICH comes along with a video from artist Daito Manabe that imagines a futuristic Tokyo where augmented reality glasses can transform and corrupt ads.

“The concept began with the idea of ​​implementing the near future, not the distant future, using modern technology,” Manabe explains. “In the near future, it would be exciting to be able to rewrite ads as freely as is depicted in this music video while wearing such a device and wandering around the city.” The video premiered at midnight on a screen in Shibuya Crossing today, and you can watch it below.

Be Up A Hello is out 1/31 on Warp. Pre-order it here.