ANOHNI Blasts Fashion Industry For Having Anything To Do With Kanye West

Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump remains an ongoing issue, and not everyone is willing to laugh it off or hand-wave it off as mental illness. This morning, ANOHNI came out strongly against West and against any within the “fashion industry” who might continue to prop the man up. In an Instagram post, ANOHNI writes that anyone who works on West’s product campaigns or Instagrams about his Sunday Service events is, in effect, working to prop up Trump’s “sociopathic genocidal agenda.”

West’s Trump support is nothing new; it goes back to the days before the 2016 election. And while West has been quieter about it lately, he’s never made any attempt to walk it back. ANOHNI is not speaking of some distant, untouchable figure. ANOHNI and West have at least one mutual collaborator in Hudson Mohawke, who produced half of ANOHNI’s 2016 album Hopelessness and who has worked with West many times. (HudMo has had his own issues with West.)

On Instagram, ANOHNI writes that fashion-industry people who work with West “are producing rightwing propaganda with every tweet of elation, record cover, choreography or peal of ‘Christian’ joy that you contribute to West’s dangerous campaign.”