Caroline Rose – “Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?”

Caroline Rose – “Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?”

This Friday, Caroline Rose is releasing the follow-up to her 2018 breakout LONER. We’ve already previewed two singles from Superstar including “Freak Like Me” and “Feel The Way I Want,” the latter of which was brought onto Late Night With Seth Meyers recently for Rose’s debut television appearance. Now, the Artist To Watch is sharing the last single from the upcoming album, “Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?”

This song puts a poppy spin on what feels like a total nervous breakdown. Backing toy-like synths and a funky Rhodes make this track jocular and on the nose, while self-doubting lyricism also plays into this sense of dysphoric suspension. The vocal filters used add to this sense of darkness, as Rose repeats quite emphatically, “I’m alright, I’m alright, I’m alright,” in a way that sounds like she’s trying to talk herself down. She promptly dispels her cool following that up with, “It’s just a heart attack.” Here’s what Rose had to say about the song in a press release:

When I started forming the narrative for Superstar, I knew I wanted the first half of the record to feel upbeat in order to mimic the narrator’s excitement in following this big dream. “Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?” is one of these tracks that showcases the false bravado the character has, but also exposes a few more cracks in their veneer of self-confidence. The song is fun, but it’s also tense, like a rubber band that’s stretched until it snaps. It’s not a love song, but rather a song about the anxiety that comes with the excitement of potential love. Is this person falling for me too? Am I good enough? Are we on the same page? Anyone who’s had a passionate fling knows this feeling, so I tried to get across that the narrator is just like any other uncool person with anxiety issues.

Listen to “Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?” below.

Superstar is out 3/6 on New West Records. Pre-order it here.

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