Record Store Day Postponed Until June

For more than a decade, Record Store Day has been an annual event on the music-nerd calendar — a chance to break out of online listening habits and head out into the world, reconnecting with the thrill of seeing people face-to-face and laying hands on physical media. Unfortunately, this year’s Record Store Day was scheduled to fall in the middle of a global pandemic, a time when very few people would risk seeing people face-to-face or laying hands on physical objects unless absolutely necessary. So the organizers of this year’s Record Store Day have made the entirely sensible move to delay the event for a couple of months.

As Pitchfork reports, Record Store Day has been moved to 6/20. It was originally scheduled for 4/18; the organizers only just unveiled this year’s list of exclusives last week. In a statement, the organizers say, “RSD acknowledges the need to be good citizens of both the local and worldwide communities while still giving our participating stores around the world the best chance to have a profitable, successful Record Store Day.”

This sucks, but it also seems completely necessary. Virtually every major global live-music event scheduled for the next few months has been cancelled or postponed as various authorities try to get the spread of coronavirus under control. If anything, it’s impressive that Record Store Day’s organizers are confident that people will ready to shop for non-essential items again by late June. Fingers crossed that they’re right.