Watch Ben Gibbard Play Death Cab’s Earliest Material In Rarities Livestream

Watch Ben Gibbard Play Death Cab’s Earliest Material In Rarities Livestream

Is Ben Gibbard going to single-handedly get us all through quarantine? I mean, a lot of other people are doing livestream performances, but Gibbard is really going all in: He is playing daily, and every day he brings something new to the table. To recap so far, Gibbard covered Radiohead and New Order and the Decemberists last week, and then a whole bunch of other people in last night’s all-covers livestream. He also debuted a new song called, fittingly enough, “Life In Quarantine.”

But that’s not all! Today, Gibbard is back with another livestream, and this time it’s something of a rarities performance digging back to Death Cab’s earliest material. (This aligns neatly with the 20th anniversary of We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes, as it happens.) The premise was all stuff from 1997-2001, from the era of the first three Death Cab albums, and Gibbard selected some by fan request.

It’s cool enough that musicians are making an effort to connect with fans and give them something to do amidst this whole thing, but it’s also admirable how Gibbard is really trying to do something unique each time. A lot of these songs haven’t been played for quite a few years. Not only a week in, and we’re already getting something longtime Death Cab nerds can get into. What’s Gibbard gonna do next? Who knows! But for now, you can check out the early days performance below.


01 “Champagne From A Paper Cup”
02 “Debate Exposes Doubt”
03 “Scientist Studies”
04 “Wait” (The Secret Stars Cover)
05 “Company Calls Epilogue”
06 “Cleveland” (¬°All-Time Quarterback! Song)
07 “(This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan” (Dntel Cover)
08 “Blacking Out The Friction”
09 “Line Of Best Fit”
10 “I Was A Kaleidoscope”
11 “No Joy In Mudville”
12 “The Face That Launched 1000 Shits” (The Revolutionary Hydra Song)

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