Run The Jewels – “Ooh LA LA” (Feat. DJ Premier & Greg Nice)

Run The Jewels – “Ooh LA LA” (Feat. DJ Premier & Greg Nice)

At one point Run The Jewels promised RTJ4 would be out before Coachella. Thanks to coronavirus, Coachella is postponed, and the rest of the music industry is in chaos. Chaos, though, is RTJ’s natural element, so it’s good that they’re rolling this shit out.

After previewing new song “The Yankee And The Brave (ep. 4)” on Instagram this past Saturday, El-P and Killer Mike went ahead and properly released it Sunday. It’s Wednesday now (I know some of you in quarantine are having trouble keeping track of the days) and the duo is back with a second RTJ4 track, debuted today with Zane Lowe on Beats 1.

The new song, “Ooh La La,” samples Gang Starr and Nice & Smooth’s “DWYCK.” DJ Premier, who produced the source material, contributes cuts, and Greg Nice shows up as well. Speaking with Lowe, El-P explained that he’s been wanting to use this sample for a long time:

Listen, there’s not a lot of classic, un-mined Golden Age material that hasn’t been turned into a jam, and I have been listening to this damn sample for like 15 years. And one day, ask Mike, I was like, “I’ve been plotting on this probably for the last three albums.” I’m going to be very honest with you Zane, this is the first one we could afford it. This is the first time that Run The Jewels had a real budget to clear samples, so — look, all I’m saying is that we were able to do that this time.

Listen below, where you can also find audio from the Zane Lowe interview.

RTJ4 will be out sometime!

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