Duck Sauce – “Captain Duck”

Duck Sauce – “Captain Duck”

Two months ago, producers A-Trak and Armand Van Helden relaunched their collaborative Duck Sauce project after a six-year absence following their debut album, Quack, which spawned the viral hit “Barbra Streisand.” Smiley Face” and “Get To Steppin,” boasted the same soulful glee and precise house beats that made them popular in the first place.

Today, they’re releasing another new single called “Captain Duck” that contains all those hallmarks as well, an ear-wormy explosions of color and groove. It’s built around the quirky 1982 single “Wot” from Captain Sensible, though the duo take that and inject it with their usual disco house energy.

The duo were supposed to make their live return at Coachella this spring — that’s obviously not happening any longer, but they’re still on the tentative lineup for the fall. In the meantime, there’s the new song that you can listen to below.

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