Every Frame Of Moses Sumney’s “Cut Me” Video Is Stunning

Every Frame Of Moses Sumney’s “Cut Me” Video Is Stunning

Moses Sumney introduced his new double-album græ to the world with “Virile,” a remarkable song with an equally remarkable video expanding on the song’s exploration of masculinity and the black body. He’s got another incredible self-directed video out today for “Cut Me,” effectively the album’s opening song, and it lives up to that lofty “Virile” standard.

Sumney calls the video “a satirization of the medical industrial complex, and a chuckle in the face of black death.” In the deeply beautiful footage, he and dancers Emara Jackson and Malachi Middleton evocatively move through a landscape of hospitals, ambulances, and funeral homes. At one point, after a performance in an empty auditorium, his costars present him with “Best New Self Injury” honors. It’s thought-provoking video overflowing with stirring images — a true work of art from one of our finest working artists.

Watch below.

græ part one is out now via Jagjaguwar, with part two to follow on 5/15. Purchase it here.

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