Watch Weezer Guest On The Simpsons & Play The End-Credits Theme

Watch Weezer Guest On The Simpsons & Play The End-Credits Theme

Weezer and The Simpsons are both still going, and now they’ve come together. As previously reported, the members of Weezer were guest voices on last night’s episode of The Simpsons. This was supposed to be a moment of synergistic confluence, since Weezer were planning on releasing the new album Van Weezer this month and heading out a on a huge tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy this summer. (Weezer also dropped the new single “Hero” last week.) But everything is cancelled, so instead it’s just a latter-day Simpsons episode with Weezer in it.

Last night’s episode was called “The Hateful Eight Year Olds,” and it mostly concerned Lisa being at a slumber party with a bunch of mean rich girls. But there was also a B-plot about Homer and Marge going on a booze cruise, with Homer eventually giving a stirring speech about how nobody should leave the house ever again. (They can’t have known, can they?) Weezer were on the show as the members of Sailor’s Delight, the band who was playing on the cruise. They get into a disagreement with Homer.

During the episode, Weezer reportedly played a bit of “Blue Dream,” one of the new songs from Van Weezer. (I think it’s what’s playing on love volume at the 7:45 mark.) But the real Weezer moment from the episode came during the end credits, when Weezer — appearing as themselves this time — covered Danny Elfman’s theme music. Watch it below.

You can watch last night’s full episode at Hulu.

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