Ridiculous Protective Suit For Concerts Features N95 Filter, Canisters For Drinking And Vaping

Ridiculous Protective Suit For Concerts Features N95 Filter, Canisters For Drinking And Vaping

When is live music going to be back? And what’s it going to look like when it comes back? The question has been looming ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, and there hasn’t really been an answer yet. Live music seems like it might be the last thing that comes back as society begins to return to normal.

One expert, the bioethicist Zeke Emanual, recently said that concerts won’t return until “fall 2021 at the earliest.” In a recent poll, most Americans said they wouldn’t start going back to concerts until there’s a coronavirus vaccine, which could take a long time. Meanwhile, the idea of drive-in concerts, like the ones they’ve been having in Denmark, seems deeply depressing. And the recent controversial Arkansas live show from Bishop Gunn frontman Travis McCready, an early attempt at an indoor socially distanced live show, looks like it wasn’t any fun at all. From pretty much every angle, it looks like we’ll have to wait a long time before we start enjoying live music as we once did. One design firm thinks it has the answer.

As NBC Los Angeles reports, the design firm Production Club has been working on a prototype for a protective suit that, it says, people might be able to wear to concerts or nightclubs. They’re calling it the Micrashell, and it looks like a rave spacesuit.

As it looks right now, the Micrashell is a sort of helmet/shirt/gloves system that features an N95 filtration system, snap-in canisters for drinking and vaping, and LED lighting accents that, at least in theory, could be programmed to all blink together. Production Club head of inventions Miguel Risueno, who goes by the name Mike 808, says, “It’s a half suit that kind of takes your safety and your security in terms of being close to airborne particles or viruses to the next level… We need to make sure that people want to wear it and they feel good about wearing it. So it’s a little bit more of a fashion piece rather than something that looks like a medical device.”

The idea is that you would rent the suit from the venue when you show up. Here’s the news report:

You can look at more details on the Micrashell here. Or you could just… not do that. We all want live shows to come back, for that business to be able to continue. But does anyone want this?

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