Former Young Turks Imprint Whities Changes Name To AD 93

Former Young Turks Imprint Whities Changes Name To AD 93

Institutions across the music industry have been changing their racially insensitive names this week in light of the worldwide reckoning sparked by the resurgent Black Lives Matter movement. The record label One Little Indian became One Little Independent. The pop-country band Lady Antebellum is officially going by Lady A, much to the chagrin of the Black blues singer who was already using that name. And now Whities, a London-based experimental dance imprint under the Young Turks umbrella, has changed its name to AD 93.

As Resident Advisor points out, label founder Nic Tasker posted a statement on Twitter today explaining the origin of the name — it was a Young Turks (YT) imprint specializing in white label singles — and his reasoning for the change. Whities eventually lost the white-label focus and then went independent from Young Turks in 2017. The label’s website reads, “Initiated as a platform for off-kilter leftfield techno, the label has evolved over the years to become an eclectic outlet for unique creative visions and collaborative experiments.”

“After the change in direction,” Tasker wrote, “the name lost its connection to that initial idea and since then it hasn’t felt quite right. I’ve used my privilege to silence and rationalise these doubts, but the recent weeks have brought these to the surface again. I don’t want the name to potentially exclude or offend anyone, or be a topic of conversation at all, and at times I feel this may have been the case.”

Tasker said the label’s next release will be the last one to include the Whities name. Read his full statement below.

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