Stream Entry’s Hellaciously Raw Debut Album Detriment

When the majestic, emotive Los Angeles post-hardcore band Touché Amoré doesn’t have anything going on, the different members of Touché Amoré apparently like to scatter in different directions, and they all go make their own nasty-ass hardcore albums on their own. Frontman Jeremy Bolm has his Hesitation Wounds side project, and they released the severe, adrenaline-charged album Chicanery last year. And now guitarist Clayton Stevens has gone and formed his own band Entry, and they’ve just released an absolute monster of a debut album.

Entry’s sound is a particularly grimy take on basement punk, one that occasionally lurches from crusty D-beat into something that resembles black metal. Vocalist Sara G delivers every throat-scraping roar with total conviction, and the band keeps its riffs coated in mud and slime. Today, Entry have released their album Detriment, and it’s some heavy shit — nine songs that blast by in 15 minutes. All of it rules, but the closing track, the slowed-down skull-stomp “Demons,” is the one that will really leave you gasping for air. Check out the album below.

Detriment is out now on Southern Lord.