Clark – “Isolation Theme (Thom Yorke Remix)”

Thom Yorke loves himself some experimental dance music. Last year, Yorke released an EP full of remixes of “Not The News,” one of the tracks from his ANIMA album. One of the remixers that Yorke chose was Chris Clark, the British IDM producer who records only as Clark. Today, Yorke has returned the favor, remixing one of the Clark’s tracks.

Clark has been recording jittery dance music for Warp Records since 2001, and he’s lately branched out into scoring dance pieces, video games, and film. Clark scored the 2015 TV miniseries The Last Panthers, and he also did the music for Daniel Isn’t Real, a psychedelic indie horror film that came out at the end of last year. Clark is getting ready to release an expanded edition of his Daniel Isn’t Real soundtrack, and it’ll include a remix of Thom Yorke, someone who knows a couple of things about scoring psychedelic horror movies.

Yorke has remixed the track “Isolation Theme (Thigpen),” transforming an eerie orchestral drone into an eerie electronic whine. In a press release, Yorke says, “I took Clark’s score of ‘Isolation Theme’ and simply made it feel like the moment we were entering; being told to stay indoors, entering a new type of silence. I guess I simplified it in a way, into waveforms that were being disrupted. I was surprised how frightening it became.” Below, listen to Yorke’s remix and Clark’s original.

Yorke’s remix of “Isolation Theme” isn out now on Deutsche Grammophon.