Stream Fleet Foxes’ New Album Shore

Stream Fleet Foxes’ New Album Shore

Every now and then there’s a moment of brightness, an actual good thing, that alleviates the darkness of the wretched year that is 2020. This is one of those good things. Just days after news of its existence crept out, there’s a new Fleet Foxes album out in the world. It’s called Shore, and it comes with a 55-minute film that’s also called of the same name, directed by Kersti Jan Werdal. Both are here now, on the timely occasion of the autumn equinox.

We received some hints along the way that things were brewing in Fleet Foxes world. Back in January of last year, Pecknold had shared a bunch of snippets on Instagram that sounded awfully far along. (He also debuted one of Shore’s songs, “Featherweight,” last month.) Apparently, he’s been working on this music for some time, and some of it was complete. According to an artist statement that accompanied Shore’s arrival, Pecknold first began recording in September of 2019, at Aaron Dessner’s studio in upstate New York. But he struggled with writing lyrics. The final stages of the album came into focus earlier this year, and now it’s being let loose not too long after it was finished.

Pecknold generally sounds energized and optimistic in his statement, and he’s shared another piece of his Fleet Foxes masterplan: He hopes to have another nine songs completed for 2021 in addition to this album. The twist is that he’s aiming to write and record with the Fleet Foxes band as it exists on the road, rather than his more solo-driven studio endeavors that usually occur under the moniker. Bear in mind there was once going to be a solo Pecknold album in between Crack-Up and what became Shore, so who knows — but it sounds like there might still be a lot to look forward to in the world of Fleet Foxes, between new music and Pecknold’s excitement to take it on the road when he’s able.

Until then, you have a new Fleet Foxes album to listen to, and you can do so below.

Robin Pecknold
CREDIT: Emily Johnston

Shore is out now via ANTI-. Physical pre-orders are available here.

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